Historical Essays by Blaine Taylor

Blaine Taylor is the author of 23 published illustrated works on the history of the Axis powers during the Second World War. A former press secretary for the Congress of the United States on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, Taylor served under enemy Communist Viet Cong fire in America's Vietnam War during 1966-67 as a Military Policeman of the elite US Army 199th Light Infantry Brigade, being awarded 12 medals, awards, and decorations, including the coveted Combat Infantryman's Badge. A career professional newspaperman and magazine editor/writer, Mr. Taylor has been awarded six prizes for writing and editing. Published worldwide, Taylor's book titles are widely available. We are saddened to inform you of the death of our colleague, Blaine Taylor, who passed away on April 5 of complications from a stroke. He will be greatly missed. At his death, Mr. Taylor was working on his 24th book, “Rudolf Hess: Hitler’s Winged Parsifal.”
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