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World Cinema on DVD

German Feature Films & Documentaries DVDs

German Weimar Republic Era Films DVDs
Third Reich Era Films DVDs
Post WW2 German Films DVDs
DEFA East German Films DVDs
Austrian Films DVDs

Wandering Jew DVD
Symphony In The Mountains DVD
Orphan Boy Of Vienna DVD
American Films & Documentaries DVDs

The Birth Of A Nation DVD (DW Griffith)
Nanook Of The North DVD
The Secret Life Of Adolf Hitler DVD
Between Two Fires (Russian Prisoner Repatriation Fort Dix) DVD
Martyrs of the Alamo (Birth of Texas) DVD & Davy Crocket Fall of the Alamo
Industry On Parade DVD
British Films & Documentaries DVDs

British Features DVDs
British Documentaries DVDs
Canadian Films on DVDs

Messerschmitt ME-262: The Official Luftwaffe Pilot Check-Out Film (DVD)
The Battle For Vimy Ridge DVD
Thunder in the Sky - The Halifax Explosion (DVD)
WW2 Top Secret: Dieppe Uncovered DVD
Czechoslovakian Films DVDs

Prague '68 Summer Of Tanks: The Lost Film Of The Soviet Invasion Of Czechoslavakia DVD
Ecstasy DVD (Symphony of Love)(Ekstase)Hedy Lamarr
French Films DVDs

Black Panthers - Huey DVD
The Sorrow And The Pity: Chronicle Of A French City Under The Occupation (Marcel Ophuls) (DVD)
The Eye Of Vichy DVD
Napoleon DVD
Forces Occultes (Hidden Forces, 1943) (DVD)
Wing to Wing: Normandy Squadron DVD (Normandy-Niemen Regiment Free French Pilots)
The Train DVD (John Frankenheimer, Burt Lancaster)
Finnish Films DVDs

Italian Films DVDs

Fascist Italy DVDs
Post War Italian Films DVDs
Israeli Films & Documentaries DVDs

They Were All We Had - The Birth of the Israeli Air Force DVD
Yom Kippur War-1973 DVD
Yiddish Cinema DVDs

Dybbuk DVD
The Cantor's Son DVD
Wandering Jew DVD
Japanese Films DVDs

The Seven Samurai DVD
Lithuanian Films & Documentaries DVDs

Pre-WW2 Lithuanian Films (1926-1940)
Soviet Lithuanian SSR Features & Documentaries
Lithuanian Song & Dance Festivals
Sajudis/Independence Movement (1988-1990s)
Independent Lithuania (1991-present)
Lithuanian Diaspora
Polish Films & Documentaries DVDs

Dybbuk DVD
Two Men & A Wardrobe DVD
Katyn DVD
Gypsies DVD
Russian (Soviet) Films DVDs

Soviet Feature Films DVDs
Stalin Cult Films DVDs
Soviet Documentary Films DVDs
Soviet Film Archive
South Korean Films DVDs

My Way DVD (Yang Kyoungjong)
Spanish Films DVDs

Swedish Films DVDs

Witchcraft Through The Ages DVD

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