Historical Essays by R. Dixon Smith

R. Dixon Smith is the the author of Ronald Colman, Gentleman of the Cinema: A Biography and Filmography (1991) and several other books. He has written essays and documentaries for numerous DVD releases, including The Golem, The Thief of Bagdad, The Last Laugh, The Lost World, The Phantom of the Opera, Tartuffe, Faust, Sunrise, Asphalt, Diary of a Lost Girl, The Blue Angel, M, Der Rebell, The Testament of Dr. Mabuse, Hans Westmar, Gold, Der alte und der junge König, Das Mädchen Johanna, Friesennot, Ewiger Wald, Fridericus, Robert und Bertram, DIII88, Wunschkonzert, Mein Leben für Irland, U-Boote westwärts, Ich klage an, Die Entlassung, Münchhausen, and Paracelsus. He wrote and directed Faust: The Different Versions, and his commentary tracks accompany Nosferatu and Tabu.
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