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International Historic Films presents history in the most dynamic, comprehensive, and authentic of media: the motion picture.

Here is a unique look at our century - its leaders, empires, wars, and upheavals - seen in original newsreels, politically-significant feature films, and dramas reflecting the societies of the times: original, unedited, exactly as they were shown to cinema audiences around the world.

What the IHF program offers is a genuine step into the past: an opportunity to discover the motivations of filmmakers and regimes and to visualize the reactions of former viewers.

It is one thing to read about the dramatic historic events of this century. It is another thing entirely to experience them as they actually occurred through the unforgettable medium of film. IHF offers history that lives and breathes.

Ours is an image totally unlike that of most currently-produced documentaries: those fragmented rehashes so typical of modern television and so often politically tailored to mold the viewers' thoughts. The IHF series, on the other hand, is an incomparable source for exploring the hows and whys of our century by reliving it in the form of current events. It is history as you've never seen it or felt it.

The IHF program is fresh and original in its very antiquity, profound in its timelessness, and a passport to history for today's generation. Welcome to the world of IHF.

Film is the Twentieth Century's most eloquent witness. Like the memories of history's survivors, however, the film record is fading with time.

The technical quality of footage, copied and recopied over the years, has deteriorated steadily. The phenomena of past decades, once splendidly captured on film, are now often seen only on murky multi-generation prints conveying but a shadow of the world's great visual dramas.

International Historic Films, dedicated to the recovery of first-generation film material, has "reached back in time" to reverse this degenerative process and restore long-lost quality to the medium of film. Exhaustive research is ever augmenting our extensive inventory of original high-resolution negatives and release prints. It is this dedication to quality, and to making history live again, that has made International Historic Films one of the world's largest privately-owned film archives.

IHF also has its eye on the future, using state-of-the-art equipment to reproduce original film on convenient DVD's. Select an IHF DVD today and experience the drama of this century as it actually happened.

IHF: making history live again. Films About History That Make History.



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