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CD'S (Compact Audio Disks)

Allied Songs of WW2 CD's

Songs We Fought For: World War 2 The Road to Victory 2 CD Set
I'll Be Seeing You: World War 2 The Road to Victory 2 CD Set
Historical Speeches

Hitler's War Declaration Against The USA, Dec.1941
Dr. Joseph Goebbels' Total War Speech (Sportpalast February 18, 1943)
General Douglas A. MacArthur: Soldier (2 Speeches) (CD)
John F.Kennedy: The JFK WIT (Highlights Of Major Speeches) (CD)
Sir Winston Churchill : His Finest Hour (Major Wartime Speeches) (CD)
Richard M. Nixon: The Nixon Tapes (CD)
Robert F Kennedy: In His Own Words (CD)
Martin Luther King, Jr.: We Shall Overcome (CD)
Harry S. Truman: "Give "Em Hell, Harry" CD
The Greatest Speeches of All-Time Vol. 2 CD
Sir Oswald Mosley Speeches CD
Hitler's Speech To Reichstag Sept 1, 1939 (War Declaration on Poland) CD
Margaret Thatcher: Britain's Fighting Lady CD
Third Reich Military Music

Panzer Marches Third Reich Military Music
Landser Marches (CD)
East German/Soviet Military Music

National Anthems Of The USSR And Union Republics
The Alexandrov Red Army Chorus And Dance Ensemble Vol. 1 CD
The Alexandrov Red Army Chorus And Dance Ensemble Vol. 2 CD
Communist Revolutionary Music

US Military Bands Ensembles & Choruses

Sousa Original
Sousa II
Victory At Sea
Songs Of Sailor & Sea
Spirit Of America (U.S. Army Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps)
God Bless The USA (U.S. Army Band & Chorus)
Propaganda Radio Broadcasts

Shortwave Propaganda Broadcasts Of The Third Reich
Propaganda Swing: Charlie and His Orchestra
Italian Fascist Military Music

Schlager Music from the Great German Films

Dancing Stars - Films And Hits From The Years 1947 To 1957
Classic Popular French Music

Classic German Military Music

Die Schönsten Deutschen Märsche (CD)
Parademarsch – German Traditional Marches (CD)
Speeches of Soviet Leaders

Russian Music

Early Marches And Waltzes – Russia Ministry Of Defense Brass Band (CD)
Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo CD's

Nova Scotia Tattoo 2006 CD
Lithuanian March Music CD's

Gaudzia Trimitai Marches (Trumpets are Sounding) CD
Chuck Berry: In the 1950's CD
Chuck Berry: In the 1950's CD


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