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History By Topic

American History DVDs

The History of America DVDs
Great Depression, Life in 1930s DVDs
American West DVDs
Chicago History DVDs
American Radicalism DVDs
Native Americans DVDs
American Civil Rights Movements DVDs
American Disasters DVDs
American Aviation History DVDs
US Naval History DVDs
Early Rock & Roll DVDs
British History & Culture DVDs

A King's Story : The Love Story of the Century (Duke and Duchess of Windsor) DVD
Royal Tour Of South Africa DVD
Queen Mother's Visits to Canada & the United States (1939 & 1954) DVD
Isle Of Jersey (Channel Islands) DVD
British Gardens DVDs
The Royal Wedding: His Royal Highness Prince William And Miss Catherine Middleton DVD
Know Your Ally: Britain DVD
US Space Program DVDs

Behind The Scenes Telstar DVD
The First Israeli In Space - The Story Of Colonel Ilan Ramon (DVD)
Last Man on the Moon DVD (Gene Cernan)
Soviet Space/Aviation DVDs

A Cruise To The Stars DVD
Moon Buggy DVD (Soviet Lunokhod I Space Rover)
Soyuz/Apollo Link-Up DVD
Highlights of the 20th Century DVDs

Disasters Of 20th Century DVD
Backstage at the White House DVD
Laughter: America's Funniest Moments DVD
Cinematographic History DVDs

The Eye Of The Third Reich (Walter Frentz) DVD
Chameleon Cameraman (Henry (Heinz) von Jaworsky) DVD
Great Hollywood Studios of Yesteryear DVD
Golden Gong: The Story of Rank Films-British Cinema's Legendary Studio DVD
1963 World Of Darryl F. Zanuck DVD
Harlan:Shadow Of Jew Suess DVD
Judaica DVDs

The First Israeli In Space - The Story Of Colonel Ilan Ramon (DVD)
Soviet Union Is Our Home/Rude Awakening DVD
A Yiddish World Remembered DVD
The Dybbuk DVD (Play of the Week TV Production - Sidney Lumet)
Roma, Gypsies in Poland DVDs

Gypsies DVD
American Film Theatre War Crimes DVDs

Man In The Glass Booth (DVD)
Golden Age of Television DVDs

Laughter: America's Funniest Moments DVD
Amos N' Andy-Anatomy of a Controversy DVD
Bob Hope: Entertaining the Troops DVD
On The Road with Bing & Bob DVD
Animation Classics DVDs

The Cameraman's Revenge DVD
Survival Techniques DVDs

Why Drown? (Drownproofing Technique) DVD
Land and Live in the Jungle DVD (Van Heflin)
Desert Survival: Land & Live in the Desert DVD (Craig Stevens/Van Heflin)
Burlesque Cinema DVDs

Bettie Page: Pin Up Queen DVD (Biography of Betty Page)
The Wild Wild World Of Jane Mansfield DVD
This Nude World DVD
Prostitution Pornography USA DVD
Classic Erotica Collection: Forbidden Movies From the Brothels of Paris DVD
Vintage Erotica Anno 1940 DVD
Behind The Burly Q: The Story of Burlesque in America DVD
Vintage Erotic Anno 1950 DVD (French Erotica)
Too Hot To Handle DVD (Jayne Mansfield)
Horizontal Collaboration: The Erotic World of Paris 1920-46 Book
Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 DVD (French Erotica)
Vintage Erotica Anno 1930 DVD (French Erotica)
Vintage Erotica Anno 1960 DVD (French Erotica)
Vintage Erotica Anno 1970 DVD (French Erotica)
Sex Madness DVD (Dwain Esper)
Too Hot To Handle DVD (aka Figleaf Frolics)
Flesh Merchant DVD (aka The Wild & the Wicked)
Atomic Power - Nuclear Chain Reaction DVDs

Story of CP-1 DVD
Law and Crime DVDs

The Criminal Man DVD (San Quentin in the 50's)
Scout Movement DVDs

For God And My Country DVD
Auto's and Motorcycles DVDs

Safety or Slaughter (Six Highway Safety Films from the 50's & 60's) DVD
Cool Hot Rod DVD (Hot Rod Culture in the 1950's)
Easy Ridin' DVD (Two Motorcycle Safety Films featuring Peter Fonda & Evil Knievel)
Hell's Highway: True Story of Highway Safety Films DVD
New York 1964 World's Fair DVDs

To The Fair: 1964 New York World's Fair DVD
Golden Age of Baseball DVDs

Fenway Park: The Golden Age DVD
Yankee Stadium:The Golden Age DVD (The Original Yankee Stadium)
The Jackie Robinson Story DVD
Baseball: Legends of the Game DVD
1943 World Series DVD (Cardinals vs Yankees)
1945 World Series DVD (Chicago Cubs vs Detroit Tigers)
1947 World Series DVD (New York Yankees vs Brooklyn Dodgers)
1948 World Series DVD (Cleveland Indians vs Boston Braves)
1949 World Series DVD (New York Yankees vs Brooklyn Dodgers)
1950 World Series DVD (New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies)
1951 World Series DVD (New York Yankees vs. New York Giants)
1952 World Series DVD (New York Yankees vs Brooklyn Dodgers)
1953 World Series DVD (New York Yankees vs Brooklyn Dodgers)
1954 World Series DVD (New York Giants vs Cleveland Indians)
1955 World Series DVD (New York Yankees vs. Brooklyn Dodgers)
1956 World Series DVD (New York Yankees vs.Brooklyn Dodgers)
1957 World Series DVD (New York Yankees vs Milwaukee Braves)
1959 World Series DVD (Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago White Sox)
1960 World Series DVD (Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Yankees)
1961 World Series DVD (Cincinnati Reds vs New York Yankees)
1964 World Series DVD (Yankees vs Cardinals)
World Series Classics 17 DVD Set
World Series Classics 7 DVD Set
World Series Classics 13 DVD Set
Railroad Films on DVD

Underground Subways 1971 DVD (Mass Transit in the USSR)
Westward Ho! (Two Union Pacific Railroad Films) DVD
War Trains DVD
Best of the West DVD
150 Years of German Railways DVD
The Train DVD (John Frankenheimer, Burt Lancaster)
The Occult DVD's

Chariots of the Gods DVD
Witchcraft Through The Ages DVD
Adolf Hitler's Great Escape: Occult Weapons of War DVD
Alien Contact: Nazi UFO's DVD
Forces Occultes (Hidden Forces, 1943) (DVD)
Best of Ancient Aliens - 2 DVD Set

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