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Weapons of War/Elite Fighting Forces DVDs

Weapons of War DVDs

Employment Of Heavy Machine Guns in the Attack DVD
Panther - Panzer V DVD
Panzer IV - Heavy Tank DVD
Panzer I & II Light Tanks DVD
Hummel Mobile Heavy Artillery DVD
Guns Of The Wehrmacht 1933-45 DVD
German Military Vehicles DVD
German Tank 10 DVD Set DVD
Demonstrations Of Ordnance Materiel, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland (USA, 1939)
Enemy Mines In Tunisia DVD
Weapons Of The Infantry DVD
Leopard II Tank (DVD)
America's Rifle: The M1 Garand DVD (History of the M1 Rifle)
Bazooka: The Anti-Tank Rocket M6 DVD
Elite Fighting Forces DVDs

First Cavalry Airmobile & Chopper Pilot DVD
The Making Of A Marine DVD
Elite German Forces Of WW2 DVD
Marines on the Move DVD
War Transportation DVDs

War Trains DVD
Army on Wheels (Dodge Trucks) DVD
150 Years of German Railways DVD
Military Vehicles on Parade DVD

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