Customer Testimonials

HILLSBORO,WI: Time and again IHF has done an amazing job with my orders... products are always packed very well and they ship out lightning FAST. It's always a pleasure doing business with IHF!

SOUTH MIAMI, FL: Informative video !!!!!!!!!!!!! Service was great !!!!!!!!!!!!! !

FRISCO,TX: Thank you for introducing hard to find products. keep up the great work.

LAKE RONKONKOMA, NY: The video was received promptly in excellent condition. I really enjoyed watching it.

LEWISTOWN, PA: Quality of the DVD was very good, considering the original material was from 1954. I thought the information given by the film was good. And I know that the material was not easy to obtain or enhance.

SPRINGFIELD, VA: Quality products and quality service.

LAUREL, MD: Great selection of obscure and otherwise unavailable films.

PERKIOMENVILLE, PA: This is the third order placed with IHF; and, I can say without reservation that the quality of their films has been without peer; they have shipped my purchases in record time; their scope of available films has been surprising; and, their prices are favorable. I look forward to doing future business with them again.

HILLSBORO, WI:  IHF is fantastic! They have an amazing selection of products, great customer service, and the items I have ordered were packed wonderfully and shipped out very fast. I would absolutely recommend doing business with IHF.

URBANA, IL: Great inventory. The film I bought I hadn't seen for over 35 years, much appreciated.

WHITEFIELD, NH: I only wish all merchants were as professional and great to deal with.

ALBANY, NY: Outstanding! Will do business with them again.

AUSTRALIA:  International Historic Films provided an excellent service. They answered all my questions by email prior to my making the purchase and made the whole transaction very smooth. The DVDs arrived safely in Sydney, Australia within a week of the purchase. They were well packaged and were exactly as described: Many thanks to IHF.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO:  High quality (and rare) films at a reasonable price. I will be glad to order from IHF again.

CANADA: IHF brings me back to my period of infancy when in the early fifties there was only black & white TV. It also brings back the souvenir of past father & mother watching historic WWII pictures with French or English subtitles. Human atrocities were revealed for the first time on a broad public scale. IHF is a «Must» and offers an exceptional service: fast delivery, no mistakes. Thank you.

BEAVERTON, ORI have been a customer of IHF for over 10 years, and have never had a bad experience. Their unique product lineup is top quality, paired with great customer service. Thank you!

AUSTRALIA: Your firm has a fine reputation and has attracted much praise on the net.

MAGNOLIA SPRINGS, AL: I was trained in 1952 with this film, and it made a strong impression on me during my working years.

EUGENE, OR: I just want to congratulate you on the superb restoration of UM DAS MENSCHENRECHT. Your rediscovered 30 minutes, along with your translation, revealed this to be an intelligent and dramatically coherent film. Kudos!

DENTON, TX: I saw this film back in 1984 in my High School ROTC and it played a strong part in the way I train my Soldiers today in the Army. I have never been able to locate the film until now. As a First Sergeant now I want my Soldiers to take these lessons and train their future Soldiers and leaders to be the best they can be.

UNITED KINGDOM: Professionally remastered gems that knock the dodgy pirate copies that are available into a cocked hat!

LAS CRUCES, NM: One of the great repositories of historical WWII film Material.

EAST STROUDSBURG, PA:  A unique and very valuable service to history.

SAINT AUGUSTINE, FL: Thank you for offering these films in their unaltered state so I can see exactly what was implied in their creation. All films are historical documents that give us an important insight into the societies and the times in which they were created.

BELGIUM: I am watching JUD SUSS and am immensely pleased with the quality of this restored version. I had seen the movie a couple of times but this copy is excellent, not only the quality of the image but the sound and then the French subtitles are real easy to read and well translated;  A wonderful opportunity to analyze this famous, but hard to see Nazi propaganda "masterpiece".

ANDOVER, MA: I am a teacher of the Classics, and have learned so much from your products. Thank you.

CHESTER, VA: I received SWASTIKA in the mail last week and it is fantastic! I saw this in the theater in 1974 in Washington, DC with a few friends of mine and always remembered it. It was incredible to see it again after all these years. I am hooked and will now be ordering DVD's from you whenever I can!

CANADA: I recently purchased a copy of THE BATTLE OF STALINGRAD and would like to commend you on your restoration of this lost film. I was astounded at the clarity of your release. In previous versions of the film, the contrast levels were so high that it was difficult to make out the picture, especially in the night-fighting sequences. Your version is crystal clear and the contrast levels are just right. Great job!

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