Restricted Us & British Training Films: WW2 DVD

Restricted Us & British Training Films: WW2 DVD

Restricted Us & British Training Films: WW2 DVD
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Product Description

A program consisting of six short training films:

1. PARACHUTE TRAINING IN THE GERMAN ARMY: Originally produced in 1940, this detailed view of paratroop training techniques in the German Army was dubbed into English by the United States Army and was shown to its Intelligence Department.

2. CAPTURED JAPANESE WEAPONS: This US Army film demonstrates the assembly and operation of light Japanese guns.

3. U--BOAT IDENTIFICATION: A British Navy film which illustrates through actual footage and animated diagrams the effective ways surface ships and aircraft can destroy enemy submarines.

4. CRACK THAT TANK: This entertaining entry from the US Army Signal Corps Fighting Man series recreates situations an infantryman might face during an enemy tank attack. Various anti-tank weapons and improvisational techniques are demonstrated, and amusing dialogue by an actor sergeant is featured.

5. TIME OUT HOLLYWOOD: This entry from the Fighting Man series focuses on the importance of paying attention during combat-training sessions and the consequences of taking time out. Violent simulated scenes of GIs killing enemy soldiers are graphically depicted.

6. SECRET WEAPON: The last film in this program demonstrates the importance of the individual soldier's initiative and perseverance in winning a battle. Note: The last two films in this six-part program contain scenes of violence and brutality that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

USA/United Kingdom, 1940--1944, B&W, total running time 110 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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