War Dept Film Communique 2 DVD

War Dept Film Communique 2 DVD

War Dept Film Communique 2 DVD
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(US Battles Japanese 6th Division in the battle of Hill 700 on Bougainville)

1. A US artillery unit, in action.

2. A B-26 Marauder base in England: B-26s dodge flak over the coast of France and then drop 500-pounders on German airfields in France and Holland. A B-26 crash-lands while returning to its base in England. B-26s are serviced by ground crews after a mission.

3. A Few Quick Facts: A cartoon describing the Iowa-class battleship and the average GI.

4. Battle of Hill 700: Japanese atrocities in Nanking by the infamous Japanese 6th Division. US forces battle the Japanese 6th Division in the battle of Hill 700 on Bougainville.

5. Hitting the Beach in Italy: LSTs being loaded with supplies and men prior to an amphibious invasion. US personnel unload cargo from LSTs using pontoon bridges and sea jeeps (ducks). German planes attack LSTs.

6. P-47 Thunderbolt pilots based in Britain are instructed before a mission. P-47s are readied for a mission by ground crews. P--47s rendezvous with bombers over the English Channel. P-47s dogfight with German fighters over France.

7. US soldiers at a Sunday service in the Pacific.

8. Allied planes attack a speeding German locomotive. Army railroad workers repair captured German locomotives and rail systems.

9. General MacArthur orders American and Australian paratroopers to move in at Lae, New Guinea. American and Australian paratroopers prepare for the jump and board C-47s. A patrol plane lays smoke to cover the jump. American and Australian paratroopers jump at Lae.

USA, 1943, B&W, 40 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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