Two Men & A Wardrobe DVD

Two Men & A Wardrobe DVD

Two Men & A Wardrobe DVD
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Product Description

The most famous of Roman Polanski's short films, made while he was a student, this eloquent fantasy-parable elucidates the problems of maintaining a private life in the world today. Filmed without dialogue, it is an excellent example of absurdist cinema. B&W, 19 minutes.

Plus: THE FAT AND THE LEAN (Poland, 1961): Another famous short film directed by Polanski, this attack on government tyranny and absurdity, a parable told in terms of broad comedy, uses the relationship between a vulgar, filthy, boorish man and his browbeaten servant to illustrate its bitter theme. Poland, 1958, B&W, 16 minutes.

Both films on one DVD, total running time 35 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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