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How To Fly The B-17 DVD -

How To Fly The B-17 DVD

This USAF training film, produced in co-operation with the Boeing Corporation, illustrates ways to deal with such emergencies during flight as loss of engine, engines on fire, power failures during take-off, and stalls. Actual flight footage, re-creations and animated sequences are included. USA, 1943, B&W, 30 minutes.

Plus: THE AIRPLANE IN GENERAL: 50-HOUR INSPECTION OF THE B-17 (USA, 1943): This fascinating Army Air Force training film takes us on a fine-tooth-comb, wing-to-wing inspection of the B-17. Almost every vital part, interior and exterior, is shown through actual footage of superb visual quality. B&W, 20 minutes.

Both films on one DVD, total running time 50 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

How To Fly The B-17 DVD

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