Falklands Task Force South DVD

Falklands Task Force South DVD

Falklands Task Force South DVD
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(Falklands War)

In the spring of 1982, Argentina's surprise seizure of the Falkland Islands touched off a brief armed clash with Britain. A Royal Navy task force dueled attacking warplanes for weeks while supporting a landing force of paratroopers, Royal Marines, infantry and armor that finally forced the capitulation of Argentina's garrison. Although the was comparatively small, it is militarily fascinating for the modern warfare technology employed. Laser-guided weapons and rocketry added a new dimension to the action of submarines, amphibious vessels, attack planes and ground forces. This BBC documentary, shot by cameramen who accompanied Britain's invasion fleet and supplemented by Argentinean news footage, gives a dramatic and comprehensive picture of the campaign's political and military aspects. Remarkable film of some of the world's most advanced weaponry in action is well balanced by the human drama of men at war, represented by interviews in the field with British soldiers who describe their experiences and sentiments.

England, 1982,Color, 114 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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