The Bridge DVD (Die Brücke)

The Bridge DVD (Die Brücke)

The Bridge DVD (Die Brücke)
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Product Description

The Bridge is one of the most-powerful antiwar films ever made. Based on an autobiographical novel by Manfred Gregor, it depicts seven Bavarian schoolboys who face death defending an insignificant bridge against an American attack in the last days of World War 2.

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film 1960.

Directed by Bernhard Wicki; music by Hans-Martin Majewski; featuring Volker Bohnet, Fritz Wepper, Michael Hinz, and Cordula Trantow. West Germany, 1959, B&W, 102 minutes, German dialogue, English subtitles.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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