Chameleon Cameraman (Henry (Heinz) von Jaworsky) DVD

Chameleon Cameraman (Henry (Heinz) von Jaworsky) DVD

Chameleon Cameraman (Henry (Heinz) von Jaworsky) DVD
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Product Description

This is the story of Henry (Heinz) von Jaworsky, a man who has survived and thrived in many lands and under many regimes because of his skill with a camera. In this film, Javorsky's talks to a film historian, his son, and coworkers from the past (including Walter Frentz, Hitler's personal cameraman and the subject of another film distributed by IHF). We see a lavish array of clips from his work, including films made with Leni Riefenstahl and Luis Trenker, aerial shots from war movies like POUR LE MERITE, COLOGNE IN FLAMES IN 1944, and Soviet newsreel coverage of the trial of Sachsenhausen concentration camp war criminals. We also gain insight into how Jaworsky, whose grandmother was Jewish, was able to survive in Nazi Germany not only physically but psychically. Directed by Jurgen Stumpfhaus.

Germany, 1994, B&W/Color, 63 minutes, English voice-over commentary.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)


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