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Punishment Battalion 999 (Strafbataillon 999) DVD -

Punishment Battalion 999 (DVD) (Strafbataillon 999)

Punishment Battalion 999 (Strafbataillon 999) DVD / Alternate View - click to enlargeTwo Disc Special DVD Edition: Containing English Subtitled & Dubbed Versions!

On the Eastern Front in World War 2, a German battalion fights Russian soldiers and partisans. But this is no ordinary battalion. These are soldiers being punished by the High Command for crimes like ordering retreats to save men's lives or working too hard to discover an anti-gangrene serum. These men are abused by their commanders, made to dig useless trenches under fire, and sent into a final suicidal mission. Their enemies are everywhere. This film is based on a novel by Heinz G. Konsalik and co-written by him. With unflinching realism it portrays these soldiers, their commanders, and the corruptions of the home front. Its Eastern Front setting is highly unusual for war films distributed in the US, as is its nightmarish, authentically-detailed view of war. Directed by Harald Philipp; featuring Werner Peters, George Thomas, and Sonja Ziemann. Special 2 DVD disc set containing:
DISC 1: Original German Language Version: Complete and uncut, with original German dialogue and English subtitles. West Germany, 1959, B&W, 103 minutes,
DISC 2: English Dubbed Version: B&W, 92 Minutes.


See also VHS English dubbed version.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Libraries and Institutions Please Note: Educational Editions with PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS and DIGITAL SITE LICENSES are available.

Punishment Battalion 999 (Strafbataillon 999) DVD

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