Three Cadets/Sex Hygiene DVD

Three Cadets/Sex Hygiene DVD

Three Cadets/Sex Hygiene DVD
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Product Description

THREE CADETS: Produced by the US Armed forces for the purpose of preparing young recruits for the inherent dangers associated with their inevitable promiscuity, this training film presents three cadets who go into the Air Cadet Training Center together. One careless pilot (William Orr) fails to use his “prophylactic kit” before he engages in a sexual liaison with an attractive young lady he picks up at a bus station. He contracts syphilis and when symptoms set in, he purchases a quack cure, reports for flight duty, and crashes his plane when he becomes dizzy while flying. An air force cook, who was asked to play a small part in the film, learned much to his chagrin, that his “part” was a shot of his penis being fitted with a prophylactic! Hollywood actor Crag Stevens is featured as one of the cadets, B&W USA,1942.

Bonus film:

SEX HYGIENE: The US Navy knew that their sailors would try to get sex wherever they could. This film was made to help prevent would-be Casanovas from getting VD. The film depicts the most modern methods of curing VD including silver haloid (colloidal silver) in 1942. B&W,USA,1942.

USA, 1942, Both films on one DVD, B&W, total running time 45 minutes.

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