Wings Of Youth, Canada Carries On DVD

Wings Of Youth, Canada Carries On DVD

Wings Of Youth, Canada Carries On DVD
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This classic aviation film portrays the training of a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot in 1940. The candidate is put through the standard training syllabus. The student passes his tests and is graduated. The famous World War 1 Canadian ace fighter pilot Air Marshal Billy Bishop is on hand for the ceremonies. Canada, 1941.

Plus: GUARDS OF THE NORTH: In 1940 Canadian troops were invited to occupy Iceland to prevent a German invasion. The island was turned into an armed camp prepared to repel any invader. In Icelandic waters German bombers and U-boats hunt for Allied ships to sink!

Plus: TARGET BERLIN: This is the story of Canada's program to build the Avro Lancaster bombers. The first Lancaster built at Victory Aircraft is rolled out of the factory in September 1943... 429 more would follow. A Polish ferry crew would fly the planes across the Atlantic Ocean to Britain... Unfortunately the bomber was so badly built that it flew only a few missions.

Plus: WAR FOR MEN'S MINDS: Propaganda made Adolf Hitler dictator of Germany. This is the story of how Joseph Goebbels's Ministry of Propaganda created the public image of Nazism as the dynamic future of Germany. Propaganda examples are shown of anti-Jewish posters and signs, Nazi radio propaganda condemns communists, and examples of Japanese propaganda are shown.

Four films on one videocassette. Canada, 1941, Iceland, 1940 Canada, 1943, Canada, 1943, Germany 1930-1943, B&W, Total running time 56 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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