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Witchcraft Through The Ages DVD -

Witchcraft Through The Ages DVD

Frequently banned since its 1922 release, Benjamin Christensen's classic remains one of the most oddly compelling films ever made. In scenes bristling with eroticism and grotesque imagery, Christensen "documents" a world invaded by demons and black magic, in which a lascivious Satan (played by Christensen himself) lurks behind every sensual temptation, using women -- old crones, young wives, and even nuns -- as pawns in his orgiastic theater of cruelty. Witch-hunting churchmen seem also to fall under his spell, even as they punish and torture their female suspects regardless of their innocence or guilt. Featuring many startling cinematic effects, including a stop-motion animation sequence and an eerily evocative scene of witches riding their brooms into the night, Witchcraft continues to cast its singular spell onto new generations of film viewers.

Sweden, 1922, B&W, 88 minutes, Silent with English Title cards and piano/organ music accompaniment.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Witchcraft Through The Ages DVD

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