Through Enemy Eyes Volume 1 <BR>(Two Disk DVD Set) <BR>June 21, 1939 - March  6, 1940

Through Enemy Eyes Volume 1
(Two Disk DVD Set)
June 21, 1939 - March 6, 1940

Through Enemy Eyes Volume 1
(Two Disk DVD Set)
June 21, 1939 - March 6, 1940
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DISK 1: June 21, 1939 - Oct 4, 1939
NEWSREEL: 459: Reborn German Fleet Maneuvers on High Seas; Goebbels Speaks at Protest Rally in Danzig;
NEWSREEL 468: Hitler Youth on Danube Cruise to Budapest; Danzig SA Defends Border Against Poles; German Refugees From Poland Tell of Oppression; NEWSREEL 470: World War 2 Begins: Germany Invades Poland; Air and Sea Bombardment of Westerplatte; German Tanks and Infantry Move Deep into Poland.
NEWSREEL 471: Polish Jews and Insurgents Taken to Camps; German Soldiers at Worship in Jasna Gora Church; Wehrmacht Crosses Vistula River;
NEWSREEL 472: Hitler Reviews Troops at the Front; German Women at Work in Munitions Plant; Tank Columns Advance and Enter Lodz;
NEWSREEL 473: House-to-House Combat in Captured Cities; Germans and Soviets Meet at Brest-Litovsk. NEWSREEL 474: Funeral of General Fritsch in Berlin; Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop Flies to Moscow; Hitler Observes Bombardment of Warsaw;

DISK 2: Oct 25, 1939 - Mar 6, 1940
NEWSREEL 477: German Engineers Re-start Steel Mills in Silesia; German Troops Patrol West Wall Fortifications; U-Boat Captain Prien and Crew Welcomed in Berlin;
NEWSREEL 480: New Japanese Foreign Minister Takes Office; Assassination Attempt on Hitler in Munich.
NEWSREEL 482: Pre-Military Training for Hitler Youth; Impounded Foreign Ships in Kiel Harbor; Baltic Germans Resettled in Posen;
NEWSREEL 483: Sports Events in Spain, Japan and Germany; British Navy Blockades North Sea Countries; Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Over English Coast;
NEWSREEL 488: Evacuation of Tientsin by the British; Anti-Air Defense Exercises in Germany.
NEWSREEL 491: Ethnic Germans From Russia Return to Fatherland; Goebbels Tours Western Air Defense Zone;
NEWSREEL 492: International Winter Games in Bavaria; Hitler Speaks at Berlin Sports Palace; Luftwaffe Planes Sink British Ships in North Sea;
NEWSREEL 496: Duce Reviews Elite Militia in Rome; German Wartime Trade Fair in Leipzig; Blitzkrieg Formations in Combat.

Germany, 1939-40, B&W, Total running time: 256 minutes, German with English subtitles

15 Newsreels on 2 DVD-5 Disks
•Interactive Newsreel Selection Menus
•Printed Description Guide of Entire Through Enemy Eyes Series

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Libraries and Institutions Please Note: Educational Editions with PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS and DIGITAL SITE LICENSES are available.

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