Through Enemy Eyes Volume 10<BR> (Two Disk DVD Set)<BR>December 10, 1942 -- June 9, 1943

Through Enemy Eyes Volume 10
(Two Disk DVD Set)
December 10, 1942 -- June 9, 1943

Through Enemy Eyes Volume 10
(Two Disk DVD Set)
December 10, 1942 -- June 9, 1943
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DISK 1: December 10, 1942 - March 3, 1943
NEWSREEL 640: Japanese Victories in the Pacific; Training in Submarine Schools Coast Defenses.
NEWSREEL 642: Goebbels Speech to Nazi Party Leaders; German Bombers Attack US Tanks in Tunisia; Soldiers Celebrate Christmas in Africa, Lapland, and Caucasus;
NEWSREEL 647: Night Fighting Operations; Tanks and Armored Infantry Attack French Troops in Tunisia; Winter Battles in Leningrad Area;
NEWSREEL 648: U-Boat Action in the South Atlantic; Soldiers' Lives in Wintery Eastern Front.
NEWSREEL 651: Goebbels Total War Speech in Berlin; Rommel's Review of Defensive Positions in Gabes, Tunisia; Winter Rigors on the Eastern Front;
NEWSREEL 652: German Tanks Take on US and British in Tunisia; German Troops Retreat on the Eastern Front;

DISK 2: Mar 17, 1943 - Jun 9, 1943
NEWSREEL 654:German Units Battle Soviet Partisans.
NEWSREEL 655: Hitler Memorial Day Speech in Berlin; German Defenses on Crete; Waffen-SS Units in Battle of Kharkov;
NEWSREEL 658: Spring Combat on the Eastern Front; Hitler's Meeting With Mussolini; U-Boats in the Caribbean; Katyn Forest Massacre.
NEWSREEL 661: Thaw Turns Volkhov Front Into Water; Defensive War at Foot of Tunisian Mountains; U-Boat Action in Atlantic;
NEWSREEL 663: Atlantic and Channel Defenses; German Police Attack Eastern Partisans; Cossack Regiment in the Wehrmacht Shows its Skills; Combat at Kuban Bridgehead;
NEWSREEL 666: Hitler Youth Volunteer for Waffen-SS.

Germany, 1942-43, B&W, Total running time: 256 minutes, German with English subtitles

12 Newsreels on 2 DVD-5 Disks
•Interactive Newsreel Selection Menus
•Printed Description Guide of Entire Through Enemy Eyes Series

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Libraries and Institutions Please Note: Educational Editions with PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS and DIGITAL SITE LICENSES are available.

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