Through Enemy Eyes Volume 11<BR> (Two Disk DVD Set)<BR>June 23, 1943 - - Oct 20, 1943

Through Enemy Eyes Volume 11
(Two Disk DVD Set)
June 23, 1943 - - Oct 20, 1943

Through Enemy Eyes Volume 11
(Two Disk DVD Set)
June 23, 1943 - - Oct 20, 1943
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DISK 1: Jun 23, 1943 - Aug 4, 1943
NEWSREEL 668: Orchestra Concert in a Tank Plant; Waffen-SS Anti-Tank Units; Italian Navy Day in Rome; Fighting in Leningrad and Kuban Area;
NEWSREEL 669: Goebbels Opens Munich Art Show; Bombs Damage German Cities; Waffen-SS Hits Partisans; Infantry Rests on Eastern Front.
NEWSREEL 670: The Cologne Cathedral in Ruins; Guderian Visits Tank-Driving School; Action on the Murmansk Front; Russian Military Volunteers on German Side;
NEWSREEL 672: Mass Grave of Ukrainians; Battle in the Orel Area; Luftwaffe Bombs Soviet Staging Areas; Heavy Battles in Belgorod Sector.
NEWSREEL 674: Hitler and Generals at Wolfsschanze; U-Boat Tanker Evades British Planes; Tank Battles in Orel Area; Captured Soviet Troops and Guns;

DISK 2: Aug 11, 1943 - Oct 20, 1943
NEWSREEL 675: German Night Fighters Engage British Bombers; Rommel and His Tanks in Salonika; Heavy Fighting in Sicily; German Troops Evacuate Orel.
NEWSREEL 679: Hitler Youth Summer Games; Soviet Thrust Repulsed on Eastern Front; Germans Retreat From Sicily; German Planes Torpedo British Mediterranean Convoy;
NEWSREEL 680: Funeral of King Boris in Sofia; German Auxiliary Cruiser Thor Visits Japan; Soviet Casualties and Prisoners on Eastern Front; German Troops March Into Italy.
NEWSREEL 681: German Troops Capture Rome; Heavy Fighting at Allied Beachhead at Salerno; Mussolini Rescued in Abruzzi Mountains; SS Captain Skorzeny and Mussolini;
NEWSREEL 684: Hitler Decorates Four Luftwaffe Officers; Kuban Bridgehead Evacuated; German Troops Withdraw to Crimea; Stuka Formations in Action.
NEWSREEL 685: German Cavalry Reconnaissance on Sea of Azov; German Troops Evacuate Corsica; Mountain Infantry Land on Corfu; Battle Against Allied Bombers in Germany;

Germany, 1943, B&W, Total running time: 244 minutes, German with English subtitles

11 Newsreels on 2 DVD-5 Disks
•Interactive Newsreel Selection Menus
•Printed Description Guide of Entire Through Enemy Eyes Series

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Libraries and Institutions Please Note: Educational Editions with PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS and DIGITAL SITE LICENSES are available.

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