Through Enemy Eyes Volume 14<BR> (Two Disk DVD Set)<BR>Aug 24, 1944 - - March 22, 1945

Through Enemy Eyes Volume 14
(Two Disk DVD Set)
Aug 24, 1944 - - March 22, 1945

Through Enemy Eyes Volume 14
(Two Disk DVD Set)
Aug 24, 1944 - - March 22, 1945
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DISK 1: Aug 24, 1944 - Nov 23, 1944
NEWSREEL 729: Warsaw Uprising Erupts Into Heavy Fighting; Tiger and Panther Tanks on the Eastern Front;
NEWSREEL 730: Total War Effects on the Population of Germany; German Troops Counterattack in Latvia; Allied Bombers Hit by Flak on Western Front.
NEWSREEL 731: German Women Working to Aid War Effort; Top Fighter-Pilot Ace Hartmann Decorated by Hitler; Heavy Cannon and Tanks Attack Houses in Warsaw;
NEWSREEL 732: General Guderian Speaks to Hitler Youth Members; German Combat Teams Retreat to Carpathians; Execution of One-Man-Torpedo Mission;
NEWSREEL 734: Germans Withdraw From Finland to New Positions; Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck Fight Soviet Tanks.
NEWSREEL 735: One-Man-Torpedo Demonstrated to Hitler Youth; British Air Landings at Arnhem; Destroyed British and American Transport Gliders;
NEWSREEL 736: Estonian Civilians Flee Homeland on German Steamers; Ground-Attack Aircraft Destroy Houses in Warsaw;
NEWSREEL 738: State Ceremony at Rommel's Funeral; Soviet Breaktrough Combatted in Hungary; Himmler Speaks to Volkssturm Members.
NEWSREEL 739: Students of Jülich NCO School Take Over Defense of Geilenkirchen; German Naval Guns Assist Land Battles Near Memel; Gruesome Scenes of Soviet Massacre in Nemmersdorf;
NEWSREEL 741: Hitler's Putsch of November 1923 is Commemorated in Munich; Swearing-in Ceremonies of Volkssturm Soldiers;
NEWSREEL 742: General Vlasov Speaks to Eastern Workers; German Troops Quell Uprising in Slovakia; Daily Life at Encircled German Bases on the Atlantic Coast.

DISK 2: Dec 7, 1944 - Mar 22, 1945
NEWSREEL 744: Inspection of Grossdeutschland Regiment in Berlin; German Light and Heavy Cruisers in Courland Lagoon; Germans Fight French Units in Vosges Mountains; Defensive Battles in the Balkans;
NEWSREEL 745: Hungary's Head of State Szâlasy Visits Hitler; Blown-up Waal River Dams Near Arnhem;
NEWSREEL 746: Himmler Decorates Waffen-SS Soldiers; Defensive Battles on the Western Front.
NEWSREEL 747: Hitler Youth Solstice Ceremony; SS General Sepp Dietrich Visits His Troops; Tiger II Tanks With New Turrets; Panorama of Destroyed Sherman Tanks;
NEWSREEL 748: Torpedo Boats in Action off Courland; German Offensive in the Ardennes;
NEWSREEL 749: House-to-House Fighting in a Saarland Town; Lift-off and Flight of a V-2 Rocket.
NEWSREEL 750: Training of the Volkssturm Volunteers; Allied Bombing Effects in Germany; Winter Battles in the Ardennes;
NEWSREEL 751: Fortifications are Built in Katowice; German Tanks and Infantry in Action at Budapest;
NEWSREEL 752: Defensive Battles Within Lower Rhine and Meuse; Volkssturm Units Man Barricades in Fortress Breslau; Heavy Battles Rage in East Prussia.
NEWSREEL 753: Civilian Population Construct Barricades in Berlin; Atrocities of the Soviets Depicted; Goebbels Inspects German Positions in Frankfurt on the Oder;
NEWSREEL 754: General Vlasov Takes the Command of Russian Volunteers; Lauban and Guben Recaptured by German Troops; Hitler Visits Divisional Command Post on Eastern Front;
NEWSREEL 755: Last Film of Hitler Decorating Members of the Hitler Youth in the Garden of His Bunker; Streetfighting in Breslau, Stettin, and Königsberg.

Germany, 1944-45, B&W, Total running time: 267 minutes, German with English subtitles

23 Newsreels on 2 DVD-5 Disks
•Interactive NewsreelSelection Menus
•Printed Description Guide of Entire Through Enemy Eyes Series

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Libraries and Institutions Please Note: Educational Editions with PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS and DIGITAL SITE LICENSES are available.

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