Kol Nevelu DVD (Before It's Too Late)

Kol Nevelu DVD (Before It's Too Late)

Kol Nevelu DVD (Before It's Too Late)
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Product Description

This lighthearted comedy tells the story of two young fishermen and the love of a beautiful, wealthy young woman who needs to choose between them. Before It's Too Late was the first experience with feature film for the now famous Zalakevicius. Shot on location, the beautiful camerawork features dramatic sand dunes, virgin beaches, and a quaint fishing town of the 50s. V. Lietuvaityte superbly acts the meddling, old matchmaker goading her nephew, played by N. Bernotas, who is hysterical as the braggart fiancee. In a soft jab to America, he waves dollar bills and speaks broken English when really trying to impress. ( Zank yoo verry much! )

Lithuania, 1957, directed by J.Fogelman and Vytautas Zalakevicius, B/W, 95 minutes, sound, Lithuanian dialogue, no subtitles.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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