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Adomas Nori Buti Zmogumi (Adam Wants To Be A Man) DVD -

Adomas Nori Buti Zmogumi (Adam Wants To Be A Man) DVD

This Soviet black and white film noir is based on an allegedly true incident of scandalous fraud that rocked the pre-World War II Lithuanian Republic. World-renowned director Zalakevicius composed stark, formal scenes that recall American thriller films of the 30s as the main characters wheel and deal to the misfortune of our hero Adam and his plans for love and happiness. Adam's encounter with corrupt businessmen and decadent women encapsulates the Soviet image of independent Lithuania, while evocative symbolism links the bourgeois Republic with Nazi fascism. Hailed by critics as the film that marked the beginning of professional film production in Lithuania, it won acclaim at the 1959 Film Festival of the Baltic Republics. This film also marks the beginning of movie performances by the famous Panevezys stage director Juozas Miltinis. Donatas Banionis, star of Solaris and other major Soviet films, is superb as the hooligan capitalist who ruins the lives of many. The tension builds as Adam foregoes the budding Communist movement and strikes out on his own to fight for what is his.

Lithuania, 1959, directed by Vytautas Zalakevicius, B&W, 90 minutes, sound, Lithuanian dialogue, no subtitles.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Adomas Nori Buti Zmogumi (Adam Wants To Be A Man) DVD

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