Next Of Kin DVD

Next Of Kin DVD

Next Of Kin DVD
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The Film Churchill Wanted Banned!
During the earliest days of production by the British War Office, this film had been intended as a training tool for the Military. The project was soon recognized for its commercial and propagandistic value and was taken over and mainstreamed by Ealing Studios in London and went over quite well with the British public. Royal High Command devises a cross-channel raid on a small port town, Norville, in occupied France that happens to also be a U-boat base. As preparations begin for the invasion, a small group of turn-coat spies led by "Mr. Davis" played brilliantly by Mervyn Johns, lands behind German lines and joins forces with agents already in place. With information gathered together by members of the spy ring and assimilated by German Intelligence in Berlin, the Nazis plan their own counter-attack on The 95th Brigade as they land on the beaches in Norville. Winston Churchill tried, at first, to have the film banned (he felt that English morale would be damaged by the heavy losses depicted) and with pressure from the War Office changed invasion scene from the defeat and total annihilation of the 95th Brigade to milder chaos, showing a successful operation littered with heavy losses. A surprisingly entertaining and realistic movie that reminds its viewers that loose talk can be deadly. Directed by Thorold Dickenson.

United Kingdom, 1942, B&W, 102 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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