Choice DVD  (Barry Goldwater 1964 Political Campaign Film)

Choice DVD (Barry Goldwater 1964 Political Campaign Film)

Choice DVD (Barry Goldwater 1964 Political Campaign Film)
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Product Description

Exclusive IHF Release. One of the most influential political films in recent US history: This documentary film for Republican Presidential Candidate Barry Goldwater was considered so racially divisive by the candidate himself, that he ordered it withdrawn almost immediately after its release and was viewed briefly in only two markets nationwide. Produced in a little over a week’s time, this film shows what purports to be the two Americas: One is traditional, moral, and conservative, represented by fields of grain, skyscrapers, construction workers, and smiling children. The other is about race riots, permissiveness, strippers, gambling dens, and roadhouses. The incumbent Johnson administration is symbolized over and over by a Lincoln Continental roaring recklessly down a dirt road. The brainchild of Goldwater’s campaign manager F. Clifton White, the film’s formula of juxtaposing contrasting imagery comparing the two candidates would become the standard for political shorts and campaign ads. John Wayne, who introduces the audience to the film, originally wanted his image excised when the racial controversy erupted. Narrated by Raymond Massey. Produced by Clifton White and Russ Walton. From IHF's Cold War Political Collection.

USA, B&W, 1964, 28 minutes

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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