KGB - The Soviet Sword & Shield of Action DVD

KGB - The Soviet Sword & Shield of Action DVD

KGB - The Soviet Sword & Shield of Action DVD
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KGB Soviet Cold War intellegence operations and Communist objectives are revealed in detail in this three part series contained on one DVD disk.

KGB, PART 1---THE SPIES: After an introduction that shows how the pervasive activities of the KGB have furthered Soviet expansion, this program shows how the Soviets have actively recruited potentially-influential moles (secret sympathizers in positions of power), encouraged them to advance their careers, and used them to the advantage of the Soviet Union. The film then shows how the KGB places illegals (subversive agents, often trained in assassination and sabotage), who run active spying groups under the direct orders of the KGB. The film closes with a detailed portrait of the training and placement of a secret GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) agent in the US. Color, 40 minutes.

KGB, PART 2---THE SECRETS: This program shows how the diplomatic personnel of the Soviet Union and other Communist Bloc countries stationed at the United Nations, diplomatic missions, and trade offices use sophisticated electronic equipment to obtain sensitive information. It then goes on to show how the Soviets have had great success in purchasing advanced technology from commercial businesses in the US, and how they have used drugs, sexual blackmail, and bribery to seduce key people into becoming active Soviet agents. Color, 40 minutes.

KGB, PART 3---THE TERRORISTS: This program begins by establishing that Department 10 of the KGB directs the DGI, Cuba's primary intelligence agency. It then shows how the KGB and DGI continue to subvert governments throughout the Western Hemisphere and how liberal activists are recruited and trained to lead radical demonstrations and perform terrorist acts. The program ends with a study of disinformation, false or misleading communications issued to advance Soviet interests. Color, 40 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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