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Swastika DVD -

Swastika DVD

Australian film director Philippe Mora uses a compilation of German war-time newsreel footage, propaganda films, and Eva Braunís home movie collection (in color) to craft an unusual, timely history of the Third Reich. Without the use of a narrator, Mora lets his brilliant montage do the talking. He does however employ German lip readers to decipher what was actually said by Hitler and Braun in Evaís Obersalzberg home movies. With his use of lip readers, Moraís innovative film predates the History Channels original production, "The Private Voice of Hitler" by more than 30 years! Adolf Hitler (as himself), Eva Braun (as herself) Directed by Philippe Mora, Lutz Becker

United Kingdom, 1973, B&W/Color, 113 minutes

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Swastika DVD

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