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32nd Infantry Division DVD -

32nd Infantry Division DVD (Red Arrow Division)

An account of the "Red Arrow" Divisionís involvement in six major campaigns in WWII. First deployed from Australia to New Guinea in 1942, it helped defend Port Moresby, and fought the three- month Battle of Buna, the turning point of the war. Far outnumbered, the 32nd forced the Japanese surrender of Buna in 1943. A year later, it landed at New Guinea, defeating the Japanese. A surprise landing at Aitape there also ousted the Japanese 18th Army. It landed next at Leyte GulF in the Philippines, moving up the Pinamapoan-Orpac highway, winning in hand-to-hand combat, and taking the Yamashita Line. Then it landed at Luzonís Lingayen Gulf; after tough mountain fighting, the Red Arrow took Imugan, and joined the 25th Infantry DivisIon to also take Santa Fe. After Japanís surrender, the division took part in Occupation duties at Cebu.

From the "Big Picture" Television Series.

USA, 1954, B&W, 19 minutes

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

32nd Infantry Division DVD

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