Carl Peters DVD (Herbert Selpin) 1941

Carl Peters DVD (Herbert Selpin) 1941

Carl Peters DVD (Herbert Selpin) 1941
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Carl Peters DVD (Herbert Selpin) 1941 DVD "A Story of Empire, Propaganda, and Intrigue"
Digitally Remastered from 35mm Film Print
DVD Bonus includes the recently discovered Director's Agfacolor Home Movies shot during the filming!

The enduring symbol of German East Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, served as the backdrop for the life of Carl Peters, a 19th-century colonial adventurer who is the subject of a vivid and vigorous, albeit fictionalized, biography. This period of history was marked by the predominance of the British Empire, which ruled most of the world before World War I. Herbert Selpin, known for his works "Heiratsschwindler" and "Titanic," directed this biopic, which features the dynamic Hans Albers, a beloved actor of the era, in the leading role. Peters was sent by the Deutscher Kolonialverein to East Africa to acquire colonies, following the British example of seizing territories. He famously declared, "I want to open the world to the Germans. The English have enough. Now we can get our share as well." With the support of Kaiser Wilhelm I and Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, Peters established a German empire in the region. Although the 1941 film Carl Peters is a thrilling action movie with lavish production values, it also promotes a mild form of political propaganda, advocating for "Lebensraum," or the expansion of German territories due to the growing population. Despite his accomplishments, Peters was infamous for his brutal treatment of indigenous populations, leading to his moniker as "Hangman-Peters." Whether he was a national disgrace or a hero is still debated. Selpin's skillful direction and Albers's charismatic performance elevate Carl Peters to one of the most enjoyable adventure films produced during the Third Reich

Directed by Herbert Selpin. Starring Hans Albers, Karl Dannemann, Fritz Odemar. Germany, 1941, B&W, 110 Minutes, Full frame 4:3, DVD-9 German dialogue, English subtitles.


Historical Background Video Essays :

HONORING A “COLONIAL LEADER”: An Introduction by German Film Historian Friedemann Beyer, an account of the making of Carl Peters. Because the war prevented Herbert Selpin from shooting the picture on location in Africa, its exteriors had to be shot in Bavaria. Beyer explains how Bavaria-Filmkunst managed to make the Bavarian locales look so authentically East African and found so many black extras to portray African natives, and why Adolf Hitler personally rehabilitated the controversial “Hangman” Peters. It also includes RARE FIND, for the first time, the complete, previously unseen Herbert Selpin 16mm home movies taken on both the outdoor and indoor sets while filming the picture. This footage, shot in glorious Agfacolor, provides a more fully documented view of Carl Peters himself. (20 Minutes)

THIRD REICH CINEMA:" HERBERT SELPIN PAYS THE PRICE" by Film Historian R. Dixon Smith (5 Minutes).

Historical Background 1939 German German Documentary:
“GERMAN LAND IN AFRICA” (Deutsches Land in Afrika)
provides information about what was and what is and proves that areas under German sovereignty will always retain their German character. Despite attempts by the Treaty of Versailles to dismantle or give away the work of over thirty years, the film demonstrates that it is not possible to destroy what the Germans had built. The recordings Karl Mohri captured during Kifo’s African expedition were compiled over an extended period and provide a comprehensive perspective on the achievements of German pioneers in Africa. Germany, 1939, B&W, 69 Minutes, German Narration, English Subtitles.

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[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)


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