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Cameramen At War & The Fall of France, June 1940 DVD

Cameramen At War & The Fall of France, June 1940 DVD

Cameramen At War & The Fall of France, June 1940 DVD
Item# 33041

Product Description

The story of the British Army Film Unit newsreel cameramen during both world wars, produced by the British Ministry of Information and compiled by Len Lye. Special highlights include sensational footage from campaigns in France, Norway, North Africa and over the skies of England between May 1940 and late 1942; World War I footage including many newsreel firsts; historical footage of D.W. Griffith directing a film; and a young General Alexander. United Kingdom, 1943, B&W, 15 minutes.

Plus: THE FALL OF FRANCE: JUNE 1940 (Germany, 1940): Segments from two original German newsreels show the Marne River crossing by the Germans on June 13th, 1940; the fall of Paris on the following day; the surrender of the French at Verdun; the heavy-artillery bombardment of the upper Rhine River; German speedboats crossing the Rhine; and final siege, including the gun assault against the remaining Maginot forts. B&W, 11 minutes, English narration.

Both films on one DVD, total running time 26 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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