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Don't Be A Sucker DVD -

Don't Be A Sucker DVD

Acted, Hollywood style semi-documentary that attempts to illustrate how the Nazis subverted democracy in Germany in 1933 and how similar subversive techniques are employed here in the United States. Actor Paul Lucas portrays a displaced German man who now lives in the United States. On a street corner in America, a rabble-rouser tries to recruit racists. Paul tells the story of his experiences in prewar Germany: how the Nazis divide and conquer; how a new believer joined the Hitler gang. One of the many unintentionally amusing scenes in this film shows this new believer practising the Hitler salute in his bedroom mirror. Eventually this Nazi winds up dead face-up outside the snow.

USA, 1943, B&W, 22 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Don't Be A Sucker DVD

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