General Stilwell Story DVD

General Stilwell Story DVD

General Stilwell Story DVD
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Nicknamed “Vinegar Joe” for his critical comments and stubbornness, Gen. Stillwell spoke some Chinese, and thus was named commander of the US China-Burma-India Theater by President Roosevelt. By late 1944, he was fired for incivility to the Chinese and British. His 3,000 Merrill’s Marauders, however, gained immortality; from The Big Picture TV series. USA, 163, B&W, 29 minutes.

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Produced by the Army Pictorial Center, this installment of the popular weekly television series, The Big Picture, tells the story of General “Vinegar Joe” Stilwell. Stilwell attends WestPoint in 1900 and teaches foreign language (particularly French) for 11 years after graduation. Prior to WW1, Stilwell does tours of duty in the Philippines and the US. After America enters the War, Stilwell becomes a liaison officer with the French 7th Corps and fights with distinction at Verdun, Toul, and particularly at St. Mihiel, where he earns the Distinguished Service Medal. At the end of the war, Stilwell is sent to Peking, first to study the many dialects of that vast country and later as an attaché to the US embassy. After the US entry into WW2, “Vinegar Joe”, named by the press for his caustic personality, is sent back to China to be Chief of Chiang Kai-shek’s allied staff. General Stilwell laments the loss of Burma in May 1942 from New Delhi (synchronous sound) in the beginning of the film. The closing of the Burma Road inspires “Vinegar Joe” to initiate and then begin building the Ledo (Stilwell) Road, a new supply route to China. Stilwell’s 6th Army joins forces with Merrill’s Marauders and engages in heavy jungle fighting with the Japanese. Stilwell is placed in command of US forces for the invasion of Okinawa. The successful conclusion of WW2, finds Stilwell, now a 4 star General, retired. “Vinegar Joe” died from complications due to stomach cancer in October 1946.

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