Story Of US Armored Forces in Korea & Europe DVD

Story Of US Armored Forces in Korea & Europe DVD

Story Of US Armored Forces in Korea & Europe DVD
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A brief history with a substantial emphasis on training of US Tank forces during the time of the Korean War. Produced by the Army Pictorial Center as part of the “Big Picture” series at the height of the War, the early part of this half hour film covers the turning point of the conflict, when the initiative went from the North Koreans to the United Nations. US armored forces fight in Korea but face a serious threat in North Korean manned Russian T-34’s. Armored forces smash through North Korean armies using light Chafee tanks. Elements of the 24th Division defend the Pusan perimeter, Sherman and Patton tanks, fresh from Europe, are used to capture Seoul. After the Inchon landing, the First Cavalry Div. brake out and joins with the 7th Infantry Div. driving the North Koreans back and joining the 8th Army in the attack and capture of Pyong yang. The remainder of the film consists of training exercises and demonstrations including the photographic record of how to execute an armored attack, a demonstration of how tanks work, with inspection crews conducting a Tank inspection. Then there are training film scenes of infantry working with tanks in simulated battle. USA, 1952, B&W, 29 Minutes,

USA, 152, B & W, 29 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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