Grazuole (The Beautiful Girl) DVD

Grazuole (The Beautiful Girl) DVD

Grazuole (The Beautiful Girl) DVD
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Product Description

The Beautiful Girl is the story of a sensitive yet impish young girl who is elected beauty queen by her playmates, and thus becomes convinced of her own good looks till a strange boy appears to shatter her self-image by announcing that she isnít pretty at all. In the struggle to regain her equilibrium, the little girl, played seductively by 10-year-old Inga Mickyte of Kaunas takes us through meditations on loneliness, love, and the true nature of beauty. Through the eyes of The Beautiful Girl, director Zebriunas plays out complex human issues with moving simplicity. Lithuania, 1969, directed by Arunas Zebriunas, B/W, CinemaScope, 71 minutes, sound, Lithuanian dialogue, Russian subtitles.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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