The Lithuanian Song Festival 1955 DVD

The Lithuanian Song Festival 1955 DVD

The Lithuanian Song Festival 1955 DVD
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This colorful documentary records the first Lithuanian Song Festival, organized after the Soviet occupation. It combines a focus on the indigenous culture's unique costumes and folksongs with emphasis on the new political order. We see 80,000 spectators pour into the Vilnius auditorium to hear a huge chorus sing music composed by Gaizauskas, Bajoras and others accompanied by an ensemble playing traditional Lithuanian instruments such as kankles and'skuduciai. A spectacular troupe of 4,000 dancers perform folkdances Gyvataras, Zibunas and others. The camera often pans the crowd and purposefully focuses on the Soviet war medals the old men wear and on children dressed in red-kerchiefed Communist Youth garb. While the folksongs performed are old and traditional, the new, post-war regime needs yet to be instilled.

Lithuania , 1955, directed by S.Berelovicius, Color, 20 minutes, Lithuanian commentary, no subtitles.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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