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The Gulf of Danzig German Once Again DVD -

The Gulf of Danzig German Once Again DVD

Prepared by the German Navy's own Propaganda Company, this film features what were, literally, the opening salvos of World War 2, as the battleship Schleswig-Holstein opens fire on Polish installations in Danzig harbor at daybreak, September 1, 1939. Subsequent segments depict the German navy's successful application of blitzkrieg tactics, as Polish naval forces are overwhelmed and defeated in battles at Gdynia, Oksywie and Hel Peninsula. Amidst battle scenes, mine-defusing operations, amphibious landings, the wreckage from Polish aircraft and warships piles up, and 4,000 Polish servicemen are ferried away to captivity. Admirals Raeder, Albrecht, and Schmundt also make brief appearances. The film ends with an extended montage, accompanied by sailor's song, pointing confidently to the Kriegsmarine's forthcoming campaign against England.

Germany, 1940, B&W, 23 minutes, German commentary, English subtitles.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

The Gulf of Danzig German Once Again DVD

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