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Big Idea DVD (Swift & Co Pro-free enterprise parable) -

Big Idea DVD (Swift & Co Pro-free enterprise parable)

Pro-free enterprise parable sponsored by the large meatpacker, Swift and Co., as part of a widespread “economic education” campaign. In the dramatization, a woman reporter from an iron curtain country and an American newspaperman, a “fellow traveler,” tour a Swift plant and visit workers’ homes. Together they come to realize that capitalism is the system that provides the greatest degree of worker freedom. NOTE: The cast included an estimated 130 Swift employees. Some 28,000 workers and friends attended four creenings at Chicago's International Amphitheater. Thirty and 28 minute versions were released for noncommercial screening and broadcast. In the first two years of release, BIG IDEA reached 3.5 million moviegoers and 13 million television viewers. USA, 1951, B&W, 53 minutes.

Big Idea DVD (Swift & Co Pro-free enterprise parable)

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