Camouflage DVD

Camouflage DVD

Camouflage DVD
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Product Description

(Mojave Desert 1942) The US War Department offers this color film on effective techniques of camouflage in the desert. This knowledge would be used during the North African campaign when Americans fought the Afrika Korps. The Germans also were masters of this skill. Narrated by Lowell Thomas.

Plus: CAMOUFLAGE PRINCIPLES (USA, 1942): This film depicts the basic principles of camouflage in a temperate climate. The best ways to camouflage sites are shown. Interesting scenes of soldiers in 1942 camouflage uniforms are included.

Plus: CAMOUFLAGE FOR ALL ARMS (United Kingdom, 1942): This is an intelligent acted film using actors, stage sets, and actual ruins of bombed-out buildings. The basic idea of camouflage was to blend in with the scenery. After seeing the film, the viewer comes away with the realization that camouflage is a full day's work! Three films on one DVD.

USA, 1942, B&W/Color, Total running time 49 minutes.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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