The Big Lift DVD (1948 Soviet Blockade)

The Big Lift DVD (1948 Soviet Blockade)

The Big Lift DVD (1948 Soviet Blockade)
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Product Description

Riveting cold-war drama shot on location in bombed out Berlin that tells the story of the Berlin Airlift. Except for the two stars of the film all military personel appearing in this film are actual members of US Armed Forces on duty in Germany. Because the film was shot in Berlin in 1949, as well as the use of newsreel footage of the actual airlift it provides a historical glimpse of the devastation of the post war city. This film was released on April 26, 1950 less than 1 year after the actual Soviet blockade was lifted. Written & Directed by George Seaton, Starring: Montgomery Clift and Paul Douglas.

USA, 1950, B&W, 120 minutes

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

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