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Women At War DVD -

Women At War DVD

US Military Films promoting the importance of women's roles during wartime.

We're in the Army Now: On the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps: Gen. Marshall watches Oveta Hobby take the oath of office. Women enter a WAAC recruiting office, eat in a mess hall and enter training. The first WAAC detachment in North Africa is shown. USA, 1943, B&W, 14 min.

Glamour Girls of 1943: Encourages women to take war work, particularly in industry: operating machines in factories, sewing parachutes, inspecting parts and in essential, nonindustrial jobs: airplane and railroad maintenance, bus driving, farming, etc. USA, 1943, B&W, 9 min.

Hidden Army: Women weld airplanes and landing barges, install wiring in planes, and inspect shells and radio tubes. Also shows nursery schools and personal services (banking, beauty shops, etc.) established in war plants to ease the burden on working women. Women cite their reasons for producing war materiel. USA, 1944, B&W 17 min.

Woman Power: Women manufacture superchargers for airplane motors and operate milling machines, lathes, grinders, tapping machines, punch presses, and hydraulic presses. USA,1942, B&W, 18 min.

American Army Women Serving on all Fronts: WAC mechanics service airplanes in Arizona. USA, 1944, B&W, 2min.

5 Films on one DVD, Total Running Time: 60 min.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Women At War DVD

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