Raza (Race 1942) DVD (J.L. Saenz de Heredia)

Raza (Race 1942) DVD (J.L. Saenz de Heredia)

Raza (Race 1942) DVD (J.L. Saenz de Heredia)
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Raza (Race) DVD (J.L. Saenz de Heredia) "The Film Franco Tried to Destroy - His Own Spanish Civil War Epic!"

One of the most curious Spanish films ever made is Raza (Race, 1942), a fictionalized account of four siblings whose lives are transformed by the Spanish Civil War (1936-1940). What at first seems little more than a highly entertaining, morale-affirming propaganda picture celebrating the victory of Generalissimo Francisco Franco's fascist forces over the doomed Spanish Republic is in fact a clever attempt to shape collective memory through the medium of cinema. Spain, allegorically depicted as a family torn apart by war, eventually triumphs as the result of an enlightened patriot's heroic acts. This was Franco's vision of the civil war as he wished it to be remembered.

The film was financed by the government, which spent an astonishing 1,650,000 pesetas; its script was written by Franco himself under a pseudonym (Jaime de Andrade); and it was directed by Jose Luis Saenz de Heredia, whose cousin, Primo de Rivera, founded the Falange, the Spanish fascist party soon led by Franco. Raza is celebrated for its gorgeous lighting, lustrous cinematography, and fast-paced montage sequences. Especially memorable is the scene of the priests executed at water's edge by moonlight, as their footprints fade in the moist sand. Archival footage is frequently intercut with newly shot material, most notably during Franco's victory parade in Madrid.

The picture was premiered in Madrid on 5 January 1942, but in 1950 Franco suddenly withdrew it and destroyed almost all copies of the film, releasing in its place a revised version that reflected Cold War needs. The Caudillo (leader) had come to power with assistance from Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, toppled a democratically elected republic, and established a military dictatorship that lasted until his death in 1975. Raza was the official version of how the Franco dictatorship came to be. It is seen here in its original form.

Written by Jaime de Andrade (Francisco Franco). Directed by J. L. Saenz de Heredia. Starring Alfredo Mayo, Ana Mariscal, Jose Nieto, Blanca de Silos. Spain, 1942, B&W, 101 mins. Spanish dialogue, English subtitles.

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