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Men Of Earth And Sky DVD -

Men Of Earth And Sky DVD

From a childhood dream of flying, to Soviet super-sonic jet training, to a fatal crash in France, the narrator acts as the first-person voice of a real-life doomed pilot. The narrator recounts the early, wonderous days of air travel in its infancy in the Soviet Union. From there, it's on to flight school and an in-depth look at the sometimes grueling (and dangerous) training for super-sonic pilots. The documentary then heads to Paris for an air show, where you see the actual crash of a jet into a crowd that killed eight people. And it's from Paris that the pilot, along with a crew of specialists, flies a helicopter mission to fight a French forest fire. They were all killed when the copter crashed in 1967. Contains lovely shots of slow, low-flying over the Soviet countryside.

USSR, 1968, B&W, 30 minutes, English Commentary.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Men Of Earth And Sky DVD

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