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Day to Day Lives Short Stories DVD -

Day to Day Lives Short Stories DVD

Short Stories documents the day to day lives of prominent Soviet citizens. Stories include: Oleg Antonov, an aircraft designer of the world's smallest and largest planes, from Azerbaijan; a composer, science writer and a surgeon; a lion tamer at circus; Lubov Ubonama, a female airline pilot who flew non-stop over entire country and set a world record; a woman who became an opera conductor; a nuclear physicist; children violinists, the Moscow Young Pioneers Club; Latvian fisherman; Building in Fergana; Composer in Estonia, and the song festival; famous geologist and his daughter; a man who searches for the oldest books; and a 117-year old mountain climber.

USSR, B&W, 50 min, English narration.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Day to Day Lives Short Stories DVD

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