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Best Sellers

Top 10 Best Selling World War 2 Films on DVD
Die Entlassung DVD (The Dismissal) Emil Jannings
Unternehmen Michael (Operation Michael) DVD (Karl Ritter)
Triumph of the Will (Triumph Des Willens)(Leni Riefenstahl, 1935) Deluxe Remastered Edition DVD
In the Drumfire of the Western Front DVD (Im Trommelfeuer der Westfront)C. Kayser, 1936
In Battle Against the Enemy of the World: German Volunteers in Spain DVD (Karl Ritter)
Pour Le Mérite (Karl Ritter) 1938 DVD
U-Boote Westwärts! DVD (U-Boats Westward!)
Hitlerjunge Quex (Hitler Youth Quex) DVD
Paracelsus, (G.W. Pabst, Werner Krauss) DVD
The Eagle's Nest - Hitler's Secret Center of Power DVD
Battle of Stalingrad: The Restored Two Part Soviet WW2 Epic DVD
Fall of Berlin: The Restored Soviet Two-Part WW 2 Epic (DVD)

British Royalty Books
German Cinematographic History Books
History of the Third Reich Books
Charles Lindbergh ( Book)
WWII Allied Side (Books)
Weimar Republic
History of the Third Reich Books
Architect Otto Stark: Standing By Design (Skidmore, CF Murphy) Book
German Cinematographic History Books

Eternal Jew Study Guide Book
Jud Süss Printed Essay Booklet (Book)
Behind the Scenes of the National Party Convention Film Book
Veit Harlan's Testament 1945 "Where I Stood on National Socialism" (Veit Harlan Trial) Book
Karl Ritter – His Life and ‘Zeitfilms’ under National Socialism, 2nd Edition Book
The Making of the Crew of the Dora (Book) Karl Ritter
The Making of the Crew of the Dora (Book) Karl Ritter
"Air Crew Dora" DVD & "Making of" Book Combo Set
History of the Third Reich Books

Reinhard Heydrich: Assassination! (by Ray Cowdery, 1994) (Operation Anthropoid)
Masters of Ceremony (by Ray & Josephine Cowdery)
Dein Kdf-Wagen (Your Volkswagen)
The German Military Elite 1939-1945 In Color (Color Photo Book) Fritjof Schaulen.
German Print Advertising 1933-1945 (BOOK)
Eichenlaubträger 1940-1945 (Knight’s Cross With Oak Leaves Recipients 1940-1945) (BOOK)
Reichsautobahn - Schönheit * Natur * Technik (Reichsautobahn - Beauty * Nature * Technology) (BOOK)
Afrikakorps Rommel's Tropical Army In Color Book
Stuka Ace Hans Ulrich Rudel Book
Condor Legion: They Flew Beyond the Borders Book
Capital of the Movement Vol. 2: Munich 1939-1941 Book
Capital of the Movement Vol. 3: Munich 1941-1946 Book
Hitler's Chariots Volume 3: Volkswagen From Nazi People's Car To New Beetle Book
Besatzung Dora DVD & Karl Ritter Book Combo Set Special Savings Offer
British Royalty Books

Elizabeth R: The Role Of The Monarchy Today
The Official 40th Anniversary of the Queen's Accession & Coronation Souvenir Booklet
CD'S (Compact Audio Disks)

Allied Songs of WW2 CD's
Historical Speeches
Third Reich Military Music
East German/Soviet Military Music
Communist Revolutionary Music
US Military Bands Ensembles & Choruses
Propaganda Radio Broadcasts
Italian Fascist Military Music
Schlager Music from the Great German Films
Classic Popular French Music
Classic German Military Music
Speeches of Soviet Leaders
Russian Music
Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo CD's
Lithuanian March Music CD's
Chuck Berry: In the 1950's CD
Historical Speeches

Hitler's War Declaration Against The USA, Dec.1941
Dr. Joseph Goebbels' Total War Speech (Sportpalast February 18, 1943)
General Douglas A. MacArthur: Soldier (2 Speeches) (CD)
John F.Kennedy: The JFK WIT (Highlights Of Major Speeches) (CD)
Sir Winston Churchill : His Finest Hour (Major Wartime Speeches) (CD)
Richard M. Nixon: The Nixon Tapes (CD)
Robert F Kennedy: In His Own Words (CD)
Martin Luther King, Jr.: We Shall Overcome (CD)
Harry S. Truman: "Give "Em Hell, Harry" CD
The Greatest Speeches of All-Time Vol. 2 CD
Sir Oswald Mosley Speeches CD
Hitler's Speech To Reichstag Sept 1, 1939 (War Declaration on Poland) CD
Margaret Thatcher: Britain's Fighting Lady CD

International Historic Films Complete Online Catalog
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Latest DVD Releases

Knock-Out: ein Junges Mädchen, ein Junger Mann DVD (Max Schmeling)1935
For the Rights of Mankind DVD (Um das Menschenrecht) (Hans Zöberlein, 1934)
Zoberlein 2 DVD Set
Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo 2018 Highlights: Heroes & Legends DVD
A Day of War & A Cameraman at the Front DVD
In The Red Hell (in Der Roten Hölle) (Edgar Neville) DVD
Paracelsus, (G.W. Pabst, Werner Krauss) DVD
Architect Otto Stark: Standing By Design (Skidmore, CF Murphy) Book
Searching for Victor Perez DVD
Nazi Hunters DVD
Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey-In Pursuit of the Dragon DVD
Desert Between Us and Them DVD
Beatles: Destination Hamburg DVD
Brother Can You Spare A Dime? DVD
Chariots of the Gods DVD
Johnny Horton: I'm A Fishing Man DVD
Battle of the Bulge: Kampfgruppe Peiper DVD
Best of Ancient Aliens - 2 DVD Set
Sniper 2 DVD
Hello From Katyusha DVD
Hitler's Hollywood DVD
Hell's Highway: True Story of Highway Safety Films DVD
Atomic Cafe DVD
Pioneers of African American Cinema DVD (5 DVD Boxed Set)
Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo 2018 Highlights: Heroes & Legends DVD
JFK: Years of Lightning, Days of Drums DVD
Yellowstone and Our National Park System DVD
Action in Angaur DVD
Stalin and Russian History 1879-1953 DVD
The Criminal Man DVD (San Quentin in the 50's)
Eight Bars of Forgotten Music DVD
Soviet Friendship House DVD
Soviet Medicine DVD
Soviet Politics DVD
Day to Day Lives Short Stories DVD
Around the Soviet Union DVD
Soviet Byelorussia DVD
The Soviet Ukraine DVD
Operation Manual: The 45 Caliber Pistol Book

International Historic Films Complete Online Catalog
International Historic Films Complete Online Catalog

Latest DVD Releases
Best Sellers
World Cinema on DVD
Classic Military History DVDs
Nazi Germany-Pre WW2 DVDs
WWII Germany/Axis DVDs
WW2 Allied Side DVDs
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Historical Essays/Reviews


Third Reich Military Music

Panzer Marches Third Reich Military Music
Landser Marches (CD)

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