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Jud Süss  Printed Essay Booklet (Book) -

Jud Süss Printed Essay Booklet (Book)

"This will be the Anti-Semitic Film"
-Joseph Goebbels diary entry
December 15, 1939

Jud Suess (Jew Suess, Germany, 1940) is the most successful anti-Semitic feature film ever made, a product of director Veit Harlan's opportunism; Ferdinand Marian's title role performance; and the hateful agenda of Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister.  The film has high production values, plus plenty of sex and crime; its hate-filled message troubles many who look at it solely from today's perspective, not realizing its complicated original reception history. by Louisiana State University’s David Culbert. Softbound, 22 pages, 29 B&W and Color Photos, 4 1/2 x 7 inches size booklet

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Jud Süss Printed Essay Booklet (Book)

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