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Shortwave Propaganda Broadcasts Of The Third Reich -

Shortwave Propaganda Broadcasts Of The Third Reich

Broadcast recordings of the Third Reich featuring the following 6 tracks:
  • 1. GERMAN AMERICAN BUND RALLY,Feb.20,1939. Portions of an evening-long Washington's Birthday rally at Madison Square Garden, New York. Recorded in New York by WOR-Mutual, but not broadcast. 11:00
  • 2. PAUL REVERE, Sept.9,1941. Radio propaganda broadcast from Berlin by Douglas Chandler, whose radio pseudonym was Paul Revere. 6:45
  • 3. ROBERT BEST, Sept.9,1942. A vicious hate speech from Berlin as this American (from South Carolina) campaigns for Congress (and every other office) in absentia from Nazi Germany. Recorded inGermany. 4:45
  • 4. AXIS SALLY, May 18,1943. Reichsrundfunk Overseas Service in English, Midge at the Mike with Mildred Gillars (known by American G.I's as Axis Sally). 14:54
  • 5. STATION D.E.B.U.N.K, April 29,1942. German Propaganda shortwave station (in English)-Frequency Marker and Sign-on-music. Recorded in Germany. 1:57
  • 6. LORD HAW HAW, April 30,1945. William Joyce's last broadcast over crumbling German radio facilities (by transcription) while severely under the influence of alcohol. 10:00

    Total Running Time 50 minutes.

    [CD] Compact Audio Disk

    Shortwave Propaganda Broadcasts Of The Third Reich

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