The Eternal Jew  (Der Ewige Jude)  DVD

The Eternal Jew (Der Ewige Jude) DVD

The Eternal Jew (Der Ewige Jude) DVD
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Product Description

"One of the most malevolent and odious pieces of propaganda of all time!"

Directed by Fritz Hippler. A visit to the Lodz ghetto in Nazi occupied Poland, recorded by German cameramen with the naive co-operation of the Jewish community, is combined with rare archival footage, clips from inter-national newsreels and excerpts from related cultural films to portray the World’s Jews as swindlers and parasites. This pseudo-logical, uncomfortably realistic and genuinely frightening documentary interprets Jewish life and history from the viewpoint of traditional European anti-Semitism and Nazi ideology. A candid, cinematically unique expression of racial hatred.

NOTE: This film, designed to incite its contemporary viewers against an ethnic minority, is extremely prejudicial in nature. International Historic Films wishes neither to condone nor to promote such prejudices when offering The Eternal Jew to its customers. It is being made available solely to provide further insight into a uniquely tragic epoch of civilization's recent past.

Germany, 1940, B&W, 62 minutes, English voice-over sound track and English subtitles over synchronous sound sequences.


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