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Hitler: A Career DVD -

Hitler: A Career DVD

Made in 1977 as the documentary companion to Joachim Fest's acclaimed Hitler biography, this film dissects the Third Reich with a keen analytical blade. Marshaling an unprecedented selection of film sources, Fest charts Hitler's rise from provincial rabble-rouser to Germany's messianic Führer, showing his growing mastery of imagery and crowd psychology, and his canny exploitation of his enemies' weaknesses. Examining the public and private dynamics of Hitler's unhinged dictatorship, Fest uncovers the deeper causes for the horrors it unleashed. Many synchronous sound sequences, including a major (5:30 min.) segment of Hitler's early 1933 speech in Berlin's Sportspalast.

Germany, 1977, B&W/Color, 151 minutes, English commentary and subtitles. Digitally transferred from an original 35mm negative.

[DVD] NTSC Region 0 encoding (Entire World)

Hitler: A Career DVD

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